The Challenges of Energy Poverty

Abigail Mechtenberg, Ph.D.

Tuesday September 25th 2018 - 7:00 pm ET

101 Jordan Hall of Science

The physical world around us is full of symmetry, which scientists use to describe the universe using laws of conservation. Discovered by Emmy Noether in the early 20th century, the theory led to one of the most important ideas in physics today: the conservation of energy. This describes how no energy is lost from a system – it simply interchanges from one form to another.

Mother Teresa stated that poverty is a result of not sharing resources. Many parts of the world do not have access to useful energy, leading to energy poverty. In this talk, we discuss the physics of energy conservation, describe the use of energy resources, and detail the challenges of creating useful forms for society. Learn about programs being undertaken at Notre Dame and beyond to address world-wide energy poverty, as we strive to ensure energy is available to all.

Energy demonstrations will take place in the galleria after the talk. Also, students from the Energy and Sustainable Development with Design (ESDD) lab will present their research from Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Haiti, and describe a research project with Harvard Medical School on Electricity and Global Health Care.

Energy Demonstration in Jordan Hall Galleria

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