Typically, events for Our Universe Revealed will be held in Jordan Hall of Science on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. Specific rooms are noted on each event entry.

Jordan Hall is located on the east side of campus, just North of the Joyce Center. It houses two of the dedicated science lecture halls on campus and is home to the campus observatory and Digital Visualization Theater.



The recommended parking lots for accessing Jordan Hall at the B2/Library Lot and D Bulla lots as shown on the map below (or by clicking here) and on the downloadable campus parking map. There is a lit pathway between the south west corner of the Bulla parking lot and Leahy Drive allowing easy access to Jordan Hall of Science. Parking in these lots is permitted outside of business hours without a permit.


Further information about parking on campus can be found from Parking Services.

Campus Events

During the year, there may be sporting events which occur on the same evening as Our Universe Revealed talks. While we aim to advertize these dates in advance, please be aware that there may be additional parking restrictions on campus and traffic control measures may be in place on these occasions. Please follow instructions from the parking officials and allow extra time to reach Jordan Hall when this occurs.

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