The Ghosts of the Universe: In search of dark matter particles

Dr. Ilan Levine

Tuesday November 8th 2022 - 6:30 pm ET

Leighton Auditorium, Main Branch, St. Joseph County Public Library

Since the 1930s, there has been astronomical evidence that most of the mass of the universe is invisible to us, different from what we can feel through our five senses. The presence of this “Dark Matter” has only been revealed by its aggregate gravitational effects on galaxies, galaxy clusters and within the wider universe. Dark matter is like a ghost—it is always around us, yet we do not feel it. But without dark matter, we would not exist. Although no experiment has convincingly detected dark matter, Professor Levine will share the reasons why scientists are convinced that this ghostly material exists, and describe the research done by IU South Bend scientists and international collaborators to finally detect the particles of dark matter.

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